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About Ahwatukee

In 1921 Mr. and Mrs. W.V.B. Ames built a home outside of Phoenix in the beautiful foothills of South Mountain. In 1935, Helen Brinton fell in love with the Ames' home and its stunning mountain views, successfully buying and naming it 'Ahwatukee' which mean 'House of Dreams' in the Crow language. It took until 1971 for developers to recognize the value of Ahwatukee real estate as a bedroom community for Phoenix. Consideration for its unique, natural environment was in the forefront of the master planned development resulting in the establishment of the largest city park in the world. Even though within the Metro Phoenix boundaries, Ahwatukee has developed its own identity as a friendly urban village buffered by South Mountain Park.

Ahwatukee Real Estate
Ahwatukee real estate consists of everything from single family patio homes and multi family town homes and condos, to upscale golf course and gated communities. There is a vast array of Ahwatukee homes for sale in prices from $175,000 to $5,000,000; so many in fact that it is highly probable you will find your own personal 'House of Dreams' in Ahwatukee.
Picturesque views in an environmentally rich location with excellent schools, neighborhood restaurants, eclectic boutiques, and 21 nature parks all within a few minutes commute to downtown Phoenix, make the purchase of Ahwatukee real estate one of the most desirable in the Valley of the Sun. We have taken this opportunity to provide you with access to the Ahwatukee MLS here.


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